segunda-feira, junho 09, 2008

This should be the "mantra" for the guys

"Happy wife, happy life!"
(Seal in Oprah)

Qual a mulher que não gostaria de ouvir isto do companheiro?
"First she is my friend, then my wife and last but not least comes our family" (Seal)
It would make things a lot more easier...

It makes me wonder... relashionships should be all based, not only in love, passion or sex but in a solid friendship above all. When we get old and wrinkled that is almost all we've got left... Someone we can talk, someone we trust and respect and end our life with that someone we've shose. Love is an evollution of feelings, i think. We just have to keep up with it.
"Love and let love rules" (Lenny Kravitz)
I've always believed that happiness is all in the little things of life... With time passing by i keep on believing in it even more. And time makes us give more value to those little things in life... :)
PS: Já fazia algum tempo que não escrevia em inglês... Sorry about that!
Curiosidade: Quando era mais pequena tinha diários e escrevia-os quase todos em inglês... ajudou não só a "desabafar" tudo o que ia cá dentro, mas também a aperfeiçoar a língua.

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